AngularJS and NodeJS Training in Hyderabad

AngularJS is one of the JavaScript open-source net software frameworks best angularjs and nodejs training Hyderabad that's typically used to add an HTML page along with a tag. The important aim of angularjs and nodejs training hyderabad is to simplify the application development and trying out performance by means of presenting a framework called MVC (version View Controller) structure. It enables the software to exchange from bulk quantity of programming code into a simple code


The angularjs online training in hyderabad by way of seoruchi makes a speciality of fundamentals and sensible utilization of the scripting language. advent to Angular, MVC structure, Directives and Programming views, controllers and binding are blanketed in element. The nodejs training in hyderabad direction fabric and path curriculum is designed to meet the cutting-edge enterprise wishes.

Angular JS Course Training Institute in Hyderabad

The beyond year has been very eventful for Angular, with two essential upgrades popping out within the area of 14 months. angular js course training institute in hyderabad, Angular 5.0 has now arrived, and this improve is centered on making the framework quicker and significantly easier to apply.

To keep up with the modern day trends on this famous JavaScript framework, we offers you AngularJS direction by means of trainers who have years of enterprise experience. Best angularjs and nodejs training india get acquainted with the basics of this language to construct SPA programs on the way to help your commercial enterprise reap faster ROI due to lesser development and maintenance cost, and faster accessibility. Realtime angularjs online training in hyderabad AngularJS certification that you may obtain from our institute on a hit completion of course allows to get your resume to the top.

angularjs and nodejs training in hyderabad


  • Introduction to client side Technologies, JavaScript
  • Understand of client side frameworks: AngularJS
  • Introduction MVC Framework
  • Creating web pages with AngularJS
  • Directives in AngularJS : ng-app, ng-model, etc
  • Programming Views in AngularJS
  • Expressions in AngularJS
  • Filters in AngularJS
  • Usage of $scope service in AngularJS
  • Modules in AngularJS
  • Ajax in AngularJS
  • Working with angular-ui

Please contact on my mobile/Whatsapp 91-9032803895 / 09347045052 or Email at . You can reach to on Skype at: purnendu_ranjan.

AngularJs And NodeJS Course Modules

AngularJs Course Modules

  • AngularJS Overview
  • What is AngularJS?
  • Features of AngularJS
  • Core Features of AngularJS
  • Advantages of AngularJS
  • Disadvantages of AngularJS
  • AngularJS Environment Setup
  • AngularJS MVC Architecture
  • AngularJS First Application
  • How AngularJS integrates with HTML
  • AngularJS Directives
  • AngularJS Expressions


  • AngularJS Controllers
  • AngularJS Filters
  • AngularJS Tables
  • AngularJS HTML DOM
  • ng-disabled directive
  • ng-show directive
  • ng-hide directive
  • ng-click directive
  • AngularJS Modules
  • AngularJS Forms
  • AngularJS Includes
  • AngularJS - Ajax


  • AngularJS Views
  • ng-view
  • ng-template
  • AngularJS Scopes
  • Scope Inheritance
  • AngularJS Services
  • AngularJS Dependency Injection
  • AngularJS Custom Directives
  • Understanding Custom Directive
  • AngularJS Internalization


Node.js Course Modules

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • What is Node.js?
  • Features of Node.js
  • Who Uses Node.js?
  • Where to Use Node.js?
  • Where Not to Use Node.js?
  • Environment Setup Of Node.js
  • Node.js First Application
  • Creating Node.js Application
  • Node.js REPL Terminal
  • Node.js NPM
  • Node.js Callbacks Concept
  • What is Callback?
  • Node.js Event Loop
  • Even Driven Programming
  • How Node Applications Work?
  • Node.js Event Emitter
  • Node.js Buffers
  • Node.js Streams
  • What are Streams?
  • Reading from a Stream
  • Writing to a Stream
  • Writing to a Stream
  • Piping the Streams
  • Chaining the Streams
  • Node.js File System
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Get File Information
  • Node.js Global Objects
  • Node.js Utility Modules
  • Node.js Web Module
  • What is a Web Server?
  • Node.js Express Framework
  • Node.js RESTful API
  • What is REST architecture?
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Creating RESTful for A Library
  • Node.js Scaling Application
  • Node.js Packaging

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